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Introductory Dive

13,500 XPF
Price valid until 31 Dec 2024

Your first bubbles in Bora Bora island!


An « introductory dive » is when you dive for the first time.

It’s a unique experience : you discover the amazing beauty of Bora Bora’s diving sites, and you enjoy the incredible weightlessness and freedom of diving.

No specific skill is needed. Simply be eager to discover a wonderful underwater world and share your feelings.

Diving is easy and anyone can go for it. No need to know how to swim or to use fins. Your instructor will take you in charge and will secure you all the dive long so you’ll enjoy an unforgettable time.

Take an introductory dive ! Anyone can live this underwater adventure, from 6 years old to … no age limit

After your introductory dive, many other options are available such as a shark and ray scuba diving tour !

  • Free Pick Up
  • 6 meters/20 feet deep for about 30 minutes
  • Open to anyone from 6 years old
  • About 2 hours trip every afternoon
  • GoPro Rental Services

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